[Gratis] UpdraftPlus with all addons - #1 Wordpress backup plugin

[Gratis] UpdraftPlus with all addons - #1 Wordpress backup plugin

1.16.51 - 01/Apr/2021

FIX: Backup before updating dialog was not working on the inline informational pop-up on the Plugins page
TWEAK: Refactor how translatable texts are being handled and displayed within the UpdraftCentral client code
TWEAK: Fix parameter passing for UpdraftCentral multiplexed request
TWEAK: Exclude/skip very large files from the backup operation if the first and second attempt at backing them up didn't succeed
TWEAK: Backblaze multi-deletion code did not properly handle files that were already deleted (could abort deletion of others)
TWEAK: Replace the table prefix in the constraint name if it is found
TWEAK: Don't perform an atomic restore on tables with constraints
TWEAK: Add atomic restore support for non-WordPress tables

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